5 Yard Line delivers over 50 different types of materials

Each price is based off a 5 yard load delivered

Looking for a material that’s not on this list? Give us a call to verify availability and pricing.

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Material: Gravel/Sand

Truck capacity for this material type is 1/2-5 yardsPrice per Yard +$70 Delivery5 Yards Delivery includedMore Info
-5/8″ Grey Minus$33.00$235.00
-1-1/4″ Grey Minus$33.00$235.00
1-1/4″ Grey Clean (5/8×1-1/4 Rail Road Ballast )$41.00$275.00Minimum 3 yds
-2″ Grey (Structural Fill)$34.00$240.00Minimum 3 yds
3/4″ Clean Grey (Chip Rock)$50.00$320.00Minimum 3 yds
7/8″ River Rock$33.00$235.00
1-1/2″ River Rock$33.00$235.00
3-6″River Rock (Oversize)$50.00$320.00
-5/8″ Blue Grey (Pathway Rock)$62.00$380.00
Red Pumice 3/4″-1/2″ (Small)$62.00$380.00
Red Pumice 1-1/4″-3/4″$62.00$380.00
Pea-Gravel 3/8″$40.00$270.00
-5/8″ Black Minus$30.00$220.00
-3/4″ Black Minus$30.00$220.00
-1-1/4″ Black Minus$30.00$220.00
-3″ Black Minus (Road Base)$25.00$195.00Minimum 3 yds
Loggers Special (Rough -3″ Minus) Black$18.00$160.00Minimum 3 yds
3/4″ Black Clean$32.00$230.00Minimum 3 yds
1-1/4″ Black Clean$30.00$220.00Minimum 3 yds
2″ Black Clean$30.00$220.00Minimum 3 yds
3″ Black Clean$26.00$200.00Minimum 3 yds
2×4 Spec Spalls$27.00$205.00Minimum 3 yds
4×8 Spec Spalls$32.00$230.00Minimum 3 yds
Washed Sand$42.00$280.00
Fine Sand$47.00$305.00
Purestone -3/4″ Minus$20.00$150.004 yard maximum
Purestone -3″ Minus$12.00$118.004 yard maximum

Material: Bark

Truck capacity for this material type is 1/2-10 yardsPrice Per Yard +$70 Delivery5 Yards Delivery Included10 Yards Delivery Included
Medium Red Bark$33.00$235.00$400.00
Walk on Beauty Bark (Large Red)$35.00$245.00$420.00
Fine Red Bark$34.00$240.00$410.00
Alder Fine Bark (Double Grind Alder, Sliver Free)$35.00$245.00$420.00
Medium Dark Bark (can contain small rocks and bark chunks)$30.00$220.00$370.00
Fine Dark Bark (Double Grind, may contain a few rocks)$36.00$250.00$430.00
Nugget Bark Mini 1/8″-3/8″”$43.00$280.00$500.00
Nugget Bark Ex Small 3/8″”-1″$43.00$280.00$500.00
Nugget Bark Small 1″-2″$43.00$280.00$500.00
Cedar Play Chips 1″-2″$37.00$255.00$440.00
Hog Fuel (High Grade)$24.00$190.00$310.00

Material: Soil / Soil Amendments & Compost

Truck capacity For this material is 1/2-6 yardsPrice Per Yard +$70 Delivery5 Yards Delivery IncludedMore Info
Top Soil (3/8 screened)
Top Soil (Screened Sandy Loam)$30.00$220.00
3-Way Soil (60% 3/8 screened topsoil, 20% Sand, 20% compost$25.00$195.00
NW Soil mix$32.00$230.00
Turf Mix 2/3 Top Soil 1/3 ManureUNAVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE
Garden Mix 1/2 Topsoil 1/2 ManureUNAVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE
Native Mix 1/2 Top Soil 1/4 Manure 1/4 Mixing BarkUNAVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE
Potting Soil 1/2 Dark Mixing Bark 1/4 Turf Mix 1/4 PumiceUNAVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE
Washington Blend %50 Mixing Bark %30 Manure, %10 Sand %10 PumiceUNAVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE
Infield Mix 1/2 Top Soil 1/4 Clay 1/4 Sand$40.00$270.00
Silver Springs Organics Compost$38.00$260.00$445, 10 yd delivery available
Barn Mulch ( 1/2 dark mixing bark and 1/2 manure)UNAVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE
Simply Mix ( 1/3 cascade compost, 1/3 topsoil, 1/3 unwashed sand)$35.00$245.00

Material: Misc.

Truck capacity for these materials varies depending on materialPrice Per Yard +$70 Delivery5 Yards Delivery IncludedMore Info
Saw Dust$24.00$190.00$310, 10 yd delivery available
Shavings (Fir)$29.00$215.00$360, 10 yd delivery available
Recycled Concrete -1-1/4″$20.00$170.00Call for different size availability and prices
Recycled Asphalt -3/4″$25.00$185.00Call for availability
Recycled Asphalt -1-1/4″$20.00$170.00Call for availability
1 Man Granite RockCall for availability and pricing (1 yard of crushed gravel required with purchase of 1 man rock to protect dump truck bed and rocks when dumping)
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